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Being involved in a divorce or a child custody dispute can be incredibly stressful. Do not panic. Our attorneys have experience successfully handling a wide variety of family law disputes in Imperial County. Contact us today to see how we can help you with your family law issue.

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Child custody litigation can be highly emotional with complicated legal issues. Courts consider the bests interests of the children when deciding how to split up custody and visitation between parents. The court considers many factors to determine the best interests of the children, including the health, welfare, and safety of the children. California law also recognizes that children benefit from frequent and continuing access with both parents.

When separated parents cannot agree on a parenting plan for their children, a full blown custody battle can play out in family law court. If you are involved in a child custody battle, you need a knowledgeable family law attorney who will handle your case with skill, and emotional understanding. At Williams and Singh, our attorneys take pride in providing effective, skillful representation to help our clients obtain the best possible results in court. To learn more about how our attorneys can assist you with your child custody dispute, call us today at 760 994 4992.

Get Child Support Right

Whether you are paying or receiving child support, you want to ensure that the amount of child support is correct. The state of California has established very strict guidelines that are used to calculate child support dues. Child support is calculated based on the parents' income, the amount of time they spend with the children, and many other factors.

There can be huge disadvantages to disputing child support in court without a lawyer. For example, sometimes the parent who pays child support will try to hide income so that the court orders a child support award that is too low. Any mistake or error on your child support paper work can result in an unfavorable result on child support. At Williams and Singh, LLP, our attorneys have been highly successful obtaining favorable results in child support proceedings. Call us today at 760 994 4992 to see how our attorneys can help you with your child support case.

Get Spousal Support Right

Whether paying or receiving spousal support, you want to make sure that the court orders the right amount of support. Here is some basic information about spousal support:

Amount of Support: Spousal support is calculated based on the income of the parties. If one spouse has much higher income than the other, the court is very likely to order the higher earning spouse to pay spousal support. The amount of spousal support ordered by the court is based on the earning ability of each spouse, the standard of living enjoyed during the marriage, and many other factors.

How Long Support Lasts: For a marriage that is less that 10 years long, the court will generally order support for one half the length of the marriage. If a marriage lasts 10 years or longer, the court will generally order spousal support until remarriage of the spouse receiving support, or the death of either spouse.

At Williams and Singh, we have knowledgeable attorneys who work tirelessly to obtain favorable spousal support awards for our clients. Whether you are going through a divorce, or modifying your spousal support order, call us today at 760 994 4992 to set up a confidential consultation and see how our attorneys can help you out.

Keep Your Share of the Community Property

California is a community property state. Community property is essentially defined in California as any property obtained or income earned by a married person during the marriage. Separate property is property obtained or money earned either before the marriage or after separation. The basic rule of splitting community property in California is simple: Each party is entitled to half of the community property:

Community Property Division

As easy as it is to understand the basics of community property, a property division in a divorce case can spiral downhill into a messy, complicated affair between quarreling spouses. For example, two spouses may disagree about whether an item of property was obtained before or after the parties were married. The husband could argue that the property item was obtained prior to the marriage and that he should keep it as his sole and separate property. The wife could argue that the property was obtained during the marriage, and that if the husband keeps the property item, the court should order him to pay half the value to her.

If you are going through a divorce, and you have a community property dispute, you need a knowledgeable family law attorney to represent you to ensure that you get what you are entitled to. At Williams and Singh, our attorneys have successfully represented clients in community property disputes involving the division of retirement accounts, 401k pensions, the family home, rental properties, commercial real estate, furniture, bank accounts, businesses, stock and investment accounts, insurance polices, cars, cash, and more.

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